Month: March 2015

A Delicate Post: Dolce & Gabbana & IVF

My favorite underwear to wear when I visit the doctor for IVF treatments are from Dolce & Gabbana. After going through 11 assisted reproductive treatments (ART), composed of endless shots, ultrasound scans, oocyte retrievals, transfers, 2-week waits, blood tests, and more, you find that even trifle gestures, like picking out undies the morning of an appointment, carry some meaning. I… Read more →

One More Shot

Meet Maya and Noah of Los Angeles. They’ve spent 4 years trying to become parents. They are getting close. So close.  You can find Maya at  She and I are DOR soul-sisters. xo Read more →

It was one year ago…

One year ago today, I was logging onto to cancel the order I’d placed days earlier for a gorgeous caftan maternity dress. The day before, the hospital that got me pregnant through a desperate round of IVF was diagnosing my miscarriage. There was no heartbeat, no gestational sack, no nothing. Just two crying adults, holding hands. Feeling so empty handed,… Read more →