Month: June 2015

Testing Day

Why infertility hurts so bad. Reason #106. When you start trying to get pregnant, you summon so much love for the baby that will come. Let’s call it pre-love. It swells inside you, growing bigger by the day. Every month, you follow the signs to see if you’re any closer to being united with that one you already love. But… Read more →

Pregnancy, interrupted.

The day that I lost my pregnancy in 2014 I was rushed into emergency surgery. My beta-hCG hormone levels were rising rapidly, but at the 8 week heartbeat ultra-scan, my uterus was empty. The infertility specialist treating me at Copenhagen General Hospital (not it’s real name, it’s actually Rigshospitalet)¬†scrambled to set an urgent appointment, three floors down, with the chief… Read more →

Infertility & Marriage: I’m a Lucky Girl

I have a theory about what happens to couples who go through years of infertility. It’s not grounded in any scientific evidence. It’s all experiential, based solely on what has happened in my marriage, and what I’ve seen with other fertility-challenged couples whom we know. Two things can happen to a couple — you grow closer, or you grow apart.… Read more →