Our Little Prince

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I’ve reached the second trimester! This milestone feels tremendously good. I’m currently 14 weeks + 1 day, and last week – at 13 weeks – I had an ultrasound at the hospital where I’ll deliver. The little dude’s heartbeat was strong (we were able to hear it!), and he had his legs up for a good afternoon snooze.

He was nestled in so snugly, the sonographer had to prod him with a few jabs to get him to move (in order to gather all measurements).

We know it’s a ‘he‘ thanks to the Harmony test that I took during week 10 of pregnancy, when I was back home in California. The test concluded that we are at a low risk for Down syndrome, or a trisomy of the 13th or 18th chromosomes.

I’m utterly biased but I think his side-profile looks pretty darn cute in this ultrasound photo. Somebody get this fetus an agent because mama thinks he should model for more ultrasounds pics, with that pert nose and cute pot belly.

So far, the 2nd trimester is treating me very well. The all-day-long nausea and morning sickness that wreaked havoc on my first trimester have eased up, so long as I eat small meals every 2 hours. The baby-bump has moved into my abdominal region, and my mom has lovingly called me chubby, so I’m growing right on schedule.

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  1. Sarra
    February 7, 2016 at 10:09 am

    Congratulations again! Loved reading this update and can’t wait to read more as you progress through your pregnancy!! He’s going to be a super cute baby (or already is?) 😉

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